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Evil Twin Live

Evil Twin Live

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Evil Twin’s ‘Ill Behaviour’


… so if you’re regularly the last man dancing or find yourself leading to the charge to the ‘afters’ then you’ve come to the right place!

Evil Twin is Danny Moggs’ badly behaved alter ego and he’s been let loose on Ideal Clubworld Radio!

Get your electronic music fix, share your voice and interact with Evil Twin and the Ideal Clubworld Radio audience in the chat room@ or Email Evil Twin:

Let your Evil Twin loose and get involved

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EVIL TWIN is Danny Moggs’ badly behaved Alter Ego, designed as an outlet for uncompromised House Music for the dance-floor and an ‘anything goes’ club ethos.
Let your Evil Twin lead you into temptation and debauchery on the dance-floor, be the ‘last man dancing’, lead the charge to the afters… then kick your conscience into touch and blame it all on your Evil Twin!

'Evil Twin' [misnomer / noun]. evil counterpart / alter ego... often appears in nightclubs. Who you'll blame for your outrageous behaviour.