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Friend of Ideal Clubworld 2013-03-26

Ideal Clubworld is taking on new artists to join the resident Dj dream team...We are looking for talented, passionate, committed artists with a high drive to learn & succeed in breaking out online & in making a global impact with their music & name.. This combined with strong motivation for hard work as a productive member of a core creative team of artists, making a large scale movement in the dance scene of today.

We work exclusively with artists on providing a bespoke online publicity & press tuition service, mgmt & representation, expert creative guidance, direction & online education and a professional, ever developing Live interactive Radio TV platform for the artist to engage with a core audience & win a fanbase.  Led by founder Sacha & working alongside a global Dj team, we teach you the methods to increase, reach & interact with your fans to create on-line interest and ultimately demand from the market of today..

We also work with artists on marketing & management services only

We accept applications for wide variety of non commercial genres..

Djs,bands & solo artists creating quality music from the heart only..

Tweet @idealradiosacha to apply & Click Here or Email****  sacha@idealdjs.co.uk ****to request the form..

Please be advised there is no room for inflated egos in the Ideal Clubworld

DJ Question Time with Sacha Recorded Live 13.01.13 - 

ABOUT... (Background Info)

Born on 4th July 2011, the Ideal Clubworld Live Radio/TV channel has grown from a vision to fruition..Single handedly Sacha (head honcho of Ideal Djs Bookings & Artist Management) has worked tirelessly to develop the Ideal platform to bring together music lovers from across the globel & to provide a professional focused advertising outlet for the music & the artists of the underground to call home... In a day & age when everyone wants to be a Dj & the easy accessibiity of music making software results in huge amounts of music being made, most artists struggle to have their music heard & their name known...With 24hrs a day, 7 days a wk the Ideal clubworld gives these artists that chance...In real live interactive time it switches from studio to studio & club to club providing an ispirational soundtrack of high quality non commercial music, from jazz to techno, breaks to disco & with a healthy dose of guitars throw in for good measure.  Listeners/Viewers interact via the ideal chat room & twitter & the studio call in lines & the ideal clubworld has created a global family community of like minded music lovers providing a passionate audience that Djs love to play to..

Sachas 18yr history in the dance music industry has provided her with key insight into all sides of the clubbing game.. Promoting events everywhere from London to Ibiza such as Sundissential & Serious combined with having represented & managed 100's of artists in the last 9 yrs including names such as Eats Everything, Prok & Fitch & Filthy Rich & techno king Jey Beltram & Spektre...Artists joining the ideal clubworld team are exclusively managed & represented by Sacha who provides expert tuition,coaching, support guidance & advice on how to reach your audience in todays online world and get yourself heard & noticed...

Example show from resident Data Debt from San Francisco


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